Cheddar'sFirst let met say Cheddar’s has an awesome atmosphere. It is very relaxing and comfortable. I went there for my first time this week and left with mixed feelings. While the food was good for the price, the service was not up to par.

Their menu has a good variety of choices with steaks, fish, burgers, chicken and a variety of salads and soups. I had a steak and a “loaded” baked potato with a side of red beans and rice. The steak was a little more done than I prefer, but better than I have had for the price.

When I saw “loaded” baked potato on the menu I was expecting a huge potato overflowing with toppings. What I got was an average size baked potato with some cheddar and bacon. For the side of red beans and rice I was expecting, well red beans and rice. What I got I would call a soup not traditional red beans a rice. It was very good, but very spicy.

The price was good so I would say I got what I paid for. Three people came out to a little over $30 which is hard to do nowadays outside of a fast food restaurant. I think I will go back again just to try other items on the menu and because of the price.

The service was lacking. I hate to wait for my check and we waited at least 15 minutes after we were done eating before the check came. In my opinion when you are nearly done with your entree you should be asked if you want dessert and if you say no you should get your check. We were not even asked if we wanted dessert, just if we were ready for our check.

Reading other reviews of this location I am not alone. There is a common knock on their service. My guess is they are understaffed for the size and volume of people.

Pros: Good food for a good price

Cons: Service could have and should have been better

Cheddar’s is located 2.1 miles from UNC Charlotte off of WT Harris Blvd.

6201 University Center Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28262 Map it!

Phone: 704-503-7871

Visit the Cheddar’s website to view their menu.