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Original Release Date: July 22, 2008


  • 999,999
  • 1,000,000
  • letting you
  • discipline
  • echoplex
  • head down
  • lights in the sky
  • corona radiata
  • the four of us are dying
  • demon seed

length: 43:45


The flow of the album is superb. There’s so much variety in the styles of the songs, but Reznor (of course) finds a way to make them all flow together. The album feels like one giant song split up into different parts (like a Pink Floyd song).

  • The albums starts off with 999,999 (Instrumental). The song starts out slow but slowly progresses, adding more and more layers of sounds and noises. Although it’s an instrumental song, it eventually builds up with Trent’s muffled and chaotic voice, ending with “How did I slip into this?-“.
  • 1,000,000 kicks off with hard beating drums and typical NIN synth riffs. This song is a classic NIN rocker. Very “With-Teethy”. It leads straight into..
  • Letting You. This song starts out with a complex and fast drum beat before being overtaken by some very noisy bass and synth. There’s definitely some Year Zero-esque lyrics here. It ends with an intense bang.
  • Discipline is the next song. Dark disco is the best way to describe it. It’s catchy, dance-able, and full of NIN goodness. Be sure to watch to the “music video” ;).
  • Echoplex. This song is very dark, yet fragile. The chorus is really melodic. The ending of the song has a lot of build up and instrumental goodness.
  • Head Down is the next song. The best song off the album in my opinion. The song starts of very heavy and angry before going to into the epic and beautiful chorus. The end of the song gets intense and chaotic before calming down to a slow and ambient synth. This leads into..
  • Lights in the Sky. This is the “piano” song off the album. It really is just Trent and a piano. The lyrics are extremely well written and gives the album a turning point in atmosphere. It flows very well into..
  • Corono Radiata (Instrumental). This song starts out with 5 minutes of serene ambiance. By the end it quickly turns into a dark and surreal soundscape. A great instrumental.
  • The Four of Us Our Dying (Instrumental). The dark and surreal ambiance of CR continues with this song, adding more sounds and noises. Pairs really nicely with CR.
  • Demon Seed. This is a really original NIN song. I really haven’t heard anything like it. I can’t really describe it well either. You’ll just have to listen to it yourself =D. It’s a great closing song though.
  • Overall, The Slip is a really great album. It has a wide variety of songs that go together really well. It will definitely grow on you, so please give it some time. Highly recommended as a first NIN album to listen to. It covers all the areas of NIN, as well as covering some new ones.

Key tracks: 1000000, Echoplex, Head Down, Lights in the Sky, The Four of Us Our Dying, Demon Seed.

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