Use Facebook For Cell Phone Contact Photos

iPhone Contact PhotosDo you like to have photos of your address book contacts on your cell phone? Have a hard time getting good pictures to use? Here is a solution for the iPhone, but should work on other phones.

How To Use Facebook For Cell Phone Contact Photos

1. Log on to Facebook on your iPhone.

2. Go to the profile of your friend and open one of their photos or profile picture.

3. Take a screen shot by holding down the Home button and press the sleep button at the top. The screen will flash white, and your screen shot will be saved to your camera roll folder.

Take a Screen Shot

iPhone Screen Shot

4. Go to Contacts on your iPhone.

5. Choose the contact you want to add the photo to and press “Edit”.

6. Press “Add Photo” to the left of the name.

7. Press “Choose Existing Photo”.

8. Select the photo from Facebook that you save with the screen shot.

9. Now the picture will display every time you and the person call each other.