Outback Steakhouse Restaurant

Outback Steakhouse UNC Charlotte Looking for a nice place to take the visiting parents or a date? Try the Outback Steakhouse. Though not a place for a romantic date since it is so loud and busy, it is a great place for couples, fun with a group of friends and families.

It is Worth The Wait!

Outback is a popular destination so expect long lines. They give you one of those pagers that lights up and buzzes when your table is ready. Depending on the night the wait is usually less than 30 minutes. They do offer a call ahead seating system. While it does not eliminate the wait, it can reduce it.

Friendly Staff

Your hostess will seat you and give you the menus. Your waiter will take your drink orders. They usually squat down to your eye level, which is a nice touch. All of the staff is extremely friendly and helpful and make sure you are taken care of.


They will bring you a loaf of brown bread and butter to start. It is GREAT!.

You will first be asked if you would like an appetizer. It is hard to go to Outback and not have one. The most popular is the Bloomin’ Onion. It is a large onion with a crispy light batter that is cut like the petals of a flower. It also comes with a dipping sauce. Other appetizers to try are the Aussie Cheese Fries and another favorite, the Kookaburra Wings. These are buffalo wings that come in mild, medium and hot.

Another good choice are Tassie’s Buffalo Strips with a Top Shelf Patron Margarita. No, it is not real buffalo, it is chicken strips with a spicy Buffalo sauce, celery and a Danish Blue Cheese dressing. The perfect hot – cool mix.

The Entree

The main dishes vary, but are primarily meat, steak to be specific. The also offer seafood and chicken. This summer they are offering a BBQ Mixed Grill which consists of flame-grilled chicken, baby back ribs and Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp with French Green Beans and corn on the cob.

You can not miss with a steak. These people know what they are doing so don’t order medium unless you want medium. A variety of veggies are available, but you should try the Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.


To top off the meal try another summer favorite, Key Lime Pie. It is tart and creamy in a pecan graham cracker crust topped with fresh whipped cream and a fresh twist of lime.

Aussie Beer

Beer on tap is served in a frosted glass. Sticking with the Australian theme the beer of choice is Fosters. The bar is usually bustling with a TV (sometimes too loud), but a friendly and often boisterous atmosphere.

They also offer curbside take-away and online ordering.

Pros: Great food, great atmosphere

Cons: Long lines, price

Outback Steakhouse is located just one mile from UNC Charlotte.

1015 Chancellor Park Dr., Charlotte NC 28213 – MAP IT!

Call ahead seating: (704) 598-7727

Visit the Outback – Charlotte – University Website for a menu and hours.