No Tuition Increase Likely for UNC Charlotte Students in 2009-10

College Student Debt The UNC Charlotte trustees have approved a plan calling for NO TUITION INCREASE FOR RESIDENT UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS for the 2009-10 academic school year! The key word is plan, but in these tough economic times it is unlikely there will be a tuition rate increase.

UPDATE: Things have certainly changed since this post. Read “Tuition Hike and Budget Cuts Coming to UNCC” for the latest tuition increase news. To view the latest estimated 2009-2010 cost visit the UNCC web site Cost of Attendance 2009-2010!

The proposal will still require the approval on the UNC System Board of Governors. The news is not all good. Overall student fees WILL increase $143 annually to $1907 from $1764. However tuition will stay the same at $2516 per year. Adding it all up the overall cost of attendance will increase 3.3 percent to $4423 per year.

This is good news students who are already cash strapped. A college education is more important to landing a good job now more than ever. At the same time college costs have risen making it unaffordable to many.

Now many college students are forced to take on huge loans to pay for college unless they were lucky enough to have parents who could afford to save for it. Any increases will add to the burden these college students must face when they graduate.

“While additional tuition revenue would be helpful as we deal with the impact of budget reductions, current economic conditions require that we focus on solutions that avoid additional financial hardship to our students,” says Chancellor Philip Dubois.

newstudentunion Most of the proposed fee increase will be dedicated to the operation of a new student union on the UNC Charlotte campus that is scheduled to be completed in May. The student union will replace the Cone University Center, which was completed in 1962.

UNC Charlotte is the fourth-largest campus among the 17 institutions of the UNC System. It is the largest institution of higher education in the Charlotte region. The university offers 18 doctoral programs, 62 master’s degree programs and 90 programs leading to bachelor’s degrees.