How to Avoid the College Party Foul

College Party FoulAlmost everyone who goes to college will eventually end up at a party. At every party there seems to be one or more of “those people” who for one reason or the other carry it a little too far. These people make common party mistakes and end up making an ass of themselves or getting tossed out.

The folks over at College and Finance have written 10 tips on how you can avoid being “that guy (or girl)” who commits college party fouls. The article offers a combination of humor along with some good advice that can make a party more enjoyable for everyone.

Experience is the key, if you like to party find other people who like to party as well, and you stay in the loop. Whether tailgating, fraternity house, off-campus near the university it is important for you to learn the mistakes BEFORE you make them.

2. No one cares how intoxicated you are – This should probably be called “The Freshman Rule,” because Freshman are the most frequent offenders. It’s okay to be inebriated, but you don’t need to announce it to all your friends, roommates, and any strangers at the party. I’m happy when people are having a good time, but that doesn’t mean I need updates on their BAC levels every ten minutes. It’s fine if you feel the need to inform a friend or two, but running around the party screaming “Dude! I’m so messed up right now!!” is quite unbecoming.


The college party is an iconic part of the college experience, immortalized in movies like Animal House and absorbing the weekends of students everywhere. Remember you will probably have to travel off campus as most campus residences are not conducive to parting.

On a serious note it is important to be safe when you party. If you are driving be sure you have a designated driver. A night of fun is not worth risking your life. Bring enough money so you can call a cab if you can not find a sober driver. Live to party another night!

NEVER accept an open container or cup if you did not see it opened or filled.

Parties are more fun if you go with your friends. Be sure and watch out for each other to help them avoid making party fouls. Never leave a friend behind and don’t let a friend go home with someone they do not know.

While it is okay to commit a party foul once in a while, you don’t want to be the butt of party jokes of find yourself not invited to more parties. Head over to College and Finance to read the full article, “Partying 101 – How to Avoid the Party Foul”.

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