MediaFox – A FireFox Build For Online Media

mediafox2If you do not have access to a TV, or are thinking of cutting your cable service MediaFox offers you a simple way to get your media fix. MediaFox is a custom build of the FireFox browser created with the media experience in mind. It uses a copy of FireFox portable which means you can put it on any Windows PC, USB flash drive or any other media. It does not need to be installed to run.

MediaFox has been customized with various extensions such as AutoHide which adds a full screen button to the toolbar, FoxyTunes for controlling music and Cooliris which displays videos and pictures in a cool cover-flow style scrolling wall. Other extensions are included to maximize the media experience and to make viewing more enjoyable.

You will find built-in bookmark folders for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, the CW, Comedy Central, MTC, FX, USA, Sci-Fi, Movies and Tech Videos. Each folder contains bookmarks to popular TV shows and other online media access sites. You can easily add your own favorites.

To fill your music taste the FoxyTunes is located on the bottom of the browser with links to many popular online music sites. All controls are right there in the browser. Just select your player, select Controls and click on play.

Currently MediaFox is available for download via a DropBox site. Download MediaFox.

It was good while it lasted, but the link no longer works. You can still create your own version of MediaFox by adding the addons mentioned.