Recipes That Can Be Cooked in a Dorm Room

microfridge College students already live on a tight budget so finding ways to save money is always a priority. One way to save money is to cook your own food rather than eat out. For those who live in dorm rooms this can be especially challenging.

If you are lucky you have a fridge and a microwave. You can pick up some basic cooking utensils at the local dollar store or maybe borrow some from home. The real challenge is finding recipes that can be cooked in a dorm room.

I ran across a web site that has a few recipes. Please share other sites or your own recipes for cooking in a dorm room.

From Laura’s Dorm Room Cookbook

This is especially for my sweet and lovely niece Laura, who is a junior in college, and living in a dorm with yucky food. The cafeteria isn’t always convenient (or edible) so I want to make her a cookbook of fast recipes, using minimal ingredients, and using only dorm-approved appliances (micro and fridge).

Visit Laura’s Dorm Room Cookbook.


  1. Thanks for sharing this link. I love finding new ways to cook food in my dorm room, since I often lack the dozens of obscure ingredients and kitchenware needed to prepare most dishes on TV shows.

    For more recipes, check out my website:


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