Digital Photography – Printable Lens Hood

lens-flare If lens flare has been ruining your shots try using a lens hood. Rather than invest in them I found a web site where you can download PDF files that will allow you to print out a lens hood for a variety of lenses. Lens hoods are intended to exclude glare and reduce hot spots. In addition, lens shades increase contrast, improve sharpness and retain color fidelity.

A lens hood helps prevent glare and lens flare. It’s basically a petal-shaped plastic ring that clips onto the end of your lens. In this case, however, it’s a printed piece of paper, which can accomplish the same goal. The site carries custom hoods for upwards of a hundred different lenses, including models from Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sigma.


Printable lens hoods offer a number of advantages over their costly counterparts:

  • Ultra compact – can be carried unfolded.
  • No waiting to order one – simply download, print, cut-out and attach.
  • Redundancy – don’t worry if you lose one; just print another!
  • 100% recyclable
  • Can be modified to cater for different digital SLR sensor crop factors.
  • Available in both ’rounded’ and ‘petal’ versions.
  • They’re absolutely free!

Find your own printable digital lens hoods at