An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop – Free PDF

cs3 Photoshop can be an intimidating piece of software for first time users. It is powerful and can do fantastic things to your photos, but the maze of buttons and filters can leave first time users lost. The good folks at MakeUseOf have created a “starters manual” for first time Photoshop users.

“An Idiot’s Guide to Photoshop” starts with the assumption that you know nothing about Photoshop at all and walks you through the basic uses of it. The guide comes with cheat sheets and three full pages of shortcuts. It is a real steal since it is FREE.


Let MakeUseOf’s own Karl Gechlic from AskTheAdmin guide you throughout the different editing possibilities in 30 illustrated pages, and get you to know your paint bucket from your eraser.

Visit the web site to download the FREE PDF “An Idiot’s Guide to Photoshop”. There are really a lot of good sites and guides out there. Soon I will make a list and share them.