Pick-A-Prof Adds Applications to Facebook Social Network

paf-banner Most college students are familiar with ratemyprofessor.com. You can go to the site, click on the class and see how others rate the professor. Since the information provided are opinions it is not really that useful. Pick-A-Prof is gives you more information that just opinions.

grades Pick-A-Prof has posted the number of A-F’s given by EVERY professor in EVERY course at most campuses and lets you compare the grade histories in the courses you are about to register for. We are the ONLY website that obtains these grading records directly from universities.

In addition to Pick-A-Prof’s already popular Facebook affiliation, they have extended their involvement with the #1 college social network by developing two brand new applications.

These applications echo services available already on Pick-A-Prof’s website, but extend their availability to all higher education campuses present on the Facebook network. “My Courses” and “Professor Ratings” allow Facebook users to plan their schedule, share information with friends, and take advantage of student written reviews.

Pick-A-Prof’s “My Courses” application allows students to add course sections to a schedule that is displayed on their Facebook profile. Future semesters can be planned out and shared with selected friends, while privacy settings allow students to choose who can see their information.

As semester schedules change, each member will see how many of their friends are signed up for each course and each specific section. “My Courses” allows a student to plan their schedule with peers for studying, advice, and information sharing.

The “Professor Ratings” application is currently Facebook’s #1 professor review application. It allows students to post reviews for their professors as well as access reviews written by their peers. In addition to the reviews, there are questions that help provide even more statistical information for students looking to choose their classes for upcoming semesters. The quick rating feature helps students with little time rate a professor by simply giving them thumbs up or thumbs down.

Both brand new applications can be found under “Education” when browsed for on the Facebook Applications page. They have gained great popularity so far, and hope to familiarize even more students with Pick-A-Prof.

Pick-A-Prof offers more than just student reviews Pick-A-Prof is the only site that offers all of the following services in one place, just for University of North Carolina, Charlotte students.

Grade Histories

Pick-A-Prof has posted the number of A’s – F’s given by every professor in every course at most campuses and lets you compare their grade histories in the courses you are about to register for. Only Pick-A-Prof obtains Grade Histories directly from the official university records.

Facebook Services

Who you take a class with can be as important as which professor is teaching it. Now you can link to your Facebook account to see which class sections your friends are signing up for. Taking a class with friends so you can study together has never been easier!

Reviews, Ratings & Evaluations

Pick-A-Prof is known nationally as a trusted academic resource and provides the most comprehensive professor information anywhere. No other website collects student reviews online AND from the official end of semester evaluations filled out in class. Pick-A-Prof’s reviews have the most accurate and useful information available online.

Schedule Planner

Pick-A-Prof has designed the ULTIMATE tool for you to simultaneously compare professors, find classes with your friends, and design your class schedule. The Schedule Planner is undeniably the most powerful tool for class selection available online. The Schedule Planner has everything you need in one place – all at your fingertips.

Book Exchange

Pick-A-Prof is a socio-academic utility that helps college students make educated decisions about professors and classes.

For more information visit the Pick-A-Prof web site.