Update: Download Free Coldplay Live Album Now

Coldplay LeftRightLeftRight As mentioned in the previous post “Coldplay to Give Away Live Album”, you can now download the entire CD from their web site.

The CD entitled “LeftRightLeftRightLeft” contains tracks recorded live over the past year. The files are in MP3 format so you should have no problem playing them on any device or computer. At a 192kbs bit rate the songs are clear and have good sound quality.

There are 9 songs on the CD and the download weighs in at around 55 MB.

It does require you to enter an email address and select what country you are from. If you do not want updates from the Coldplay.com web site be sure and uncheck the box. After you click submit it will take you to the page where you can download the CD. If it goes to a blank page or does not go to the download page, just come back and try later.

Visit the this Coldplay LeftRightLeftRight link and download your FREE music!