Find The Golden Hour For Your Photographs

For photographers the golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight in the day. This time of the day is known for producing some great photographs due to the unusual lighting qualities. The light is softer, warmer and shadows are longer.

Golden Hour SunsetImage Credit

In landscape photography since the contrast is lower during the golden hour the warm color of the Sun enhances the colors of the scene. Shapes and textures are highlighted and shadows do not appear to be as dark.

The golden hour occurs two times each day. During the first hour of sunlight of the day and the last hour of sunlight. The perfect time is when the Sun is 6 degrees above and 6 degrees below the horizon. Knowing just when the golden hour will occur in your area is easy to determine thanks to the Golden Hour website.

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When you go to the Golden Hour web site it will attempt to automatically determine your location. You can adjust the map according to latitude and longitude, but it hit my location perfectly. A satellite map is displayed and your location should be in the center of the map. You can pan around to position yourself where you are now or where you plan to be. You want to location to be right in the middle of the map.


As you adjust the location the web site will adjust giving you all of the information you need to determine the golden hour at that location. The golden hour times are highlighted for sunrise and sunset. At the time this was written the golden hour in the UNC Charlotte area for today was 6:30-7:30 AM and 7:30-8:30 PM. You can also change the date and get golden hour calculations. The current date is noted with the green square.

Visit the Golden Hour web site and always know the golden hour wherever you plan to take photographs.