Capture Music and Video Streams With TubeMaster++

The Internet is full of sites that stream audio and video to your PC. Sites such as Imeem, Pandora, for music and YouTube, Yahoo Music Videos, and more for videos.

TubeMaster++ allows you to capture and save multimedia files. Captured files can then be saved to your computer or converted to many popular video and audio formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP3, MP4, IPod, PSP and more. These can then be transferred to portable devices. Best of all TubeMaster++ is FREE.Tube Master

Setting Up TubeMaster++

If you run Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will need to start TubeMaster in administrator mode. You will need to right-click on the TubeMaster icon and select Run as administrator. When TubeMaster starts up capture is enabled. Be SURE you start TubeMaster in administrator mode on Windows Vista and Windows 7 or it will not work!

You should set the options before you start using it by clicking on the Options icon. You can stop capture from automatically starting when the program starts. This stops it from capturing everything you run across before you get to what you want to capture.

You will also want to set the folder where your captures and saved files are stored. I like to have a folder specifically for captures and then when they are complete I move them to a media library folder. You can change the MP3 bitrate (Kbps) from 64 to 320. You get great sound at 224, but if you need files smaller files 192 sounds good.

Using TubeMaster++ To Capture and Convert to MP3

Say you want to capture Jay-Z’s new Blueprint 3 from Imeem. Locate the playlist and click on/off the tracks you want to capture. Then click the Enable Capture icon on TubeMaster and start playing the songs on Imeem.

TubeMaster will capture the stream and save it as a FLV file. You have the option to change the title of the file at this point. Take advantage of this to name your track when you are recording it. The program will capture the entire song before it finishes playing, noted by a green check next to the captured file.

When the next song begins TubeMaster will start a new capture. In capture mode you have options to convert the file or play the file. To convert the file to MP3 that you can play on your computer, IPod or other MP3 play click on Convert File and select “Audio MP3”.

Using TubeMaster++ To Capture and Convert Video

Capturing video is as easy as capturing audio. Disable capture until you read the video you want to capture and convert. Let’s stick with the Jay-Z theme and capture the official D.O.A. (Death of Auto tune) video from the Jay-Z channel on YouTube.

Enable capture on TubeMaster and click the play button on YouTube. TubeMaster will start capturing the video file. It takes longer than the audio file because video is larger. Still before the end of the video TubeMaster has captured it.

Click in the “untitled” box and give the video a name. Now you need to decide what format you want to convert it to. If you have an IPod you will want to click on the Convert File icon and select Video MP4. If your portable media player needs another format select AVI 320×240 for your portable devices, AVI 640×480 for your computer, or DiVX.

If TubeMaster captures an advertisement in the process you can always click the red X and delete the captured file. If you are not sure what the capture is click on the play button to view it.

MORE Conversion Options

TubeMaster can convert your captured files to many different formats. Nearly every phone format is included. You can save as DVD format including HQ full screen and wide screen. Here is a shot of the available formats.

Built-In Video and Audio Search

TubeMaster comes with built-in search capabilities to help you find specific audio and video files. Select video or audio, then type in what you are looking for. TubeMaster will search for active live streams which you can capture. You can preview the stream by clicking the play button (disable capture first) and if it is what you want click on download.

I did not find this feature very useful. Bing is really good with video search.

Get TubeMaster++

Visit the TubeMaster++ web site for more details and to download. It is available for Windows and Linux and soon for the Mac. There are many stream capture programs and convertors out there. Most of the better ones can run you close to $80. For what it does I think that TubeMaster++ is a pretty good for free.

TubeMaster++ works on video sites that display video using HTTP FLV steams. Popular sites like Hulu and most major TV sites use secure RTMPE flash video .FLV streams. TubeMaster++ will not capture these streams. I am still looking at FREE options for those sites. If you know of one please post a comment.