College Internships Help College Graduates Land Jobs

College GraduateIn today’s tough job market a college graduate or soon to be needs every advantage they can to land a good job. A recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers showed potential employers have a strong preference for college graduates who have taken part in an internship.

In the survey nearly three-quarters of the employers said they prefer job candidates who have the work experience that can be gained through an internship. By comparison only sixteen percent were looking for college graduates with any work experience.

How much of an inside track can an internship give you? General Electric reports that over 80 percent of their full-time new hires came from their interns and co-ops. Most companies prefer to hire from within and interns are candidates who they already know about.

Since most interns perform nearly or the same job as their full-time employees they usually can make an immediate impact for the company once they are hired. Internships can also pay off financially. Not only do many pay while you are an intern, but companies report giving a higher starting salary to their interns.

While taking part in an internship will not guarantee you a job after college, it will make you a more marketable candidate. If you start early enough in your college career you can take several internships, maybe in different areas of a field you are interested in. Even if you are not hired by the company the work experience looks great on your resume.

Another major benefit to internships is being able to network with those who share an interest in your field and people who already are working in the field. This type of inside scoop can give you valuable insight into a career and what you need to do to prepare for it.

Here is a list reported by of the top 15 intern employers for 2009 and the number of interns their projected intern new hires.

  1. Walgreens General Merchandisers 5,650
  2. New York Life Insurance Company Insurance: Life, Health (mutual) 3,500
  3. Southwestern Publishing, Printing 2,800
  4. General Electric Energy 2,400
  5. Deloitte & Touche USA LLP Other 2,300
  6. PricewaterhouseCoopers Other 2,279
  7. KPMG LLP Other 2,000
  8. Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Diversified Financials 2,000
  9. Lockheed Martin Aerospace and Defense 1,932
  10. Ernst & Young Other 1,869
  11. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Automotive Rental, Leasing 1,800
  12. Intel Electronics, Electrical Equipment 1,600
  13. Target Corporation General Merchandisers 1,100
  14. Microsoft Computer Software 1,000
  15. Sandia National Laboratories Aerospace and Defense 900

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