Pimp Your Room – Extra Seating

College rooms can be so cramped you barely have room to fit all of your stuff in it. If you have a lot of friends or want to you need somewhere for them to sit. What do you do when 10 people come to your room? The butterfly chair may be your answer.

Besides being surprisingly comfortable and sturdy, this chair also provides a low price bargain. What better way to outfit your dorm for you and your friends than with low cost, high quality Butterfly Chairs? Trust us you don’t want everyone using your bed as their seat!

Use a Butterfly Chair

Extra Dorm Seating

If you’re watching TV, a movie, playing video games, studying or just hanging out with friends, our Butterfly Chair will quickly become you’re favorite spot to relax.

A butterfly chair is a style of chair that features a folding frame with cloth, nylon or other cushion material hung from the metal frame. The best part is the fold up to a few inches wide and can then be easily stored.

Butterfly Chairs combine ideal seating with space saving design. The chairs can be folded up and fit into your closet or they can be opened to create a sturdy, well-made, comfortable chair.

They come in a variety of styles and prices. Simple nylon chairs like those you would take to the beach or a sporting event can be found for less than $10. Not only are these a value, but you can carry them to events that do not provide seating. Even if it rains they will quickly dry in the sun.

For those who want something with a little more comfort check out the padded butterfly chairs. Some of these can be VERY comfortable. Target Butteryfly Chairs has a collection starting around $30.

For those of you looking for style visit the DormBuys.com web site. They have a selection of about 10 butterfly chairs for around $35. They also have other seating solutions such as the dorm lounger.