How To Study – Develop Good Study Habits

How To Study–Develop Good Study HabitsPhoto by: swatjester

To get good grades in college you need to learn how to study in the college environment and develop good study habits.  There are three questions you must answer about how to study. Where to study, when to study, and how long to study?

Where To Study

The best environment to study in is one of isolation so you can fully concentrate on your work. You’re not being antisocial, you are making the best use of your study time by avoiding distractions. If you can’t avoid the distraction of your cell phone, turn it off when you study.

Your dorm room may be convenient, but it is often a poor place to learn. There are too many things in your dorm room to distract you from studying, your roommate, your friends, social media, the temptation to nap, etc.

Here is how to find the best places to study. Get a map of the campus and your schedule. Look for several places around campus where you go to just to study. Try different ones and see which ones work best for you. Use your schedule to find places close to your next class to maximize your study time.

When To Study

Not at night! It may seem logical but nighttime hours are not the best time to study. At night your body and mind are starting to wind down and temptations to do fun things rise. You should try to do all of your studying before you eat dinner. This leaves you with worry free nights for fun knowing your studies are out-of-the-way.

Study during the daylight hours when you are more alert and your mind is in an academic mode. When your schedule has an hour or two open head straight to one of your study areas and get to work. Even if you can only get 30 minutes, take it.

How Long To Study

Break your study time up into chunks of 30-50 minutes then give yourself a 10-15 minute break. The ideal is 50 minutes of study followed by a 10 minute break. Taking a break gives you mind time to recharge and regain your concentration. Try out different times and see what works best for you.

Don’t procrastinate! When you have a paper or exam don’t wait until the day before it is due to start. Break it down into little chunks and fit it into your study schedule. Cramming and all-nighters at the last-minute are not effective ways to study.

Develop a Study Schedule

Once you answer the where, when and how long to study create a schedule and stick to it. Plan around your schedule and block out free time to study in one of your locations. A study schedule allows you to make the most out of your study time and develop good study habits.

For a college student time is a one of your most valuable and most wasted resources. Develop good study habits and stick to your study schedule and you will do well in academics and still have time for fun.

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