Sunday Reflection and Connections

Sunday Reflections and Connections

Part of my Sunday always includes some time for reflection and connections. A time to calmly sit back and look at the past week and to the week ahead. Sunday is also a time when I like to make connections with people who matter to me or those I have lost touch with.

30 Minutes For Reflections

Grab a pen and a journal and take 30 minutes each Sunday to look back at the past week. Write down what went right and what went wrong. Write down memorable moments. Write down your hopes and dreams. Write down anything that has meaning to you at this time.

Reflect on where you have been and where you are going. See if you are on the path you need to be on or if you need to make changes. Sunday is also a good day to start changes. Look back in your journal and your past reflections. Then sit back and think. You may find one of the connections you lost is with yourself.

30 Minutes For Connections

Take another 30 minutes of your Sunday to make connections with people you care about. Family members would love to hear from you. Send an email to an old friend you lost touch with. Go visit someone you care about, but do not get to see much. We need to take the time to remember to appreciate one another.

Taking pictures is a way to make connections that last. Take your camera out and explore. Take pictures of places you want to remember and people you never want to forget. Video is even better since it captures real life and memories better than a picture.

One Hour to Put Life in Perspective

The other six days of the week we are wrapped up in the frantic rush of life. To keep yourself grounded it is important to take some time each Sunday to reflect. To gain a perspective on your life and connect with others for your well-being. Call it a mental walk about. A time to look at your past, connect with your present and dream of your future.

After a hard week one hour of reflection and connections will help put your life back in perspective and get you ready for the next week. Do this each Sunday and later in life the journal, pictures, videos and memories will be some of your most cherished possessions.

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