How To Relieve Exam Stress

Exam time is here and stress levels are up. You’re stuck indoors hitting the books, writing papers, preparing projects. Are you also under STRESS? With the importance of exams it is understandable that you are stressed. However you need to be operating at optimal academic performance and this can … [Read more...]

Recipes That Can Be Cooked in a Dorm Room

College students already live on a tight budget so finding ways to save money is always a priority. One way to save money is to cook your own food rather than eat out. For those who live in dorm rooms this can be especially challenging. If you are lucky you have a fridge and a microwave. You can … [Read more...]

Buzzed – 420 Marijuana Use and College Students

Since today is 4/20 it seems fitting for a Buzzed article on marijuana and college students. Whatever way you say it 420, or 4:20 or 4/20, it has become a counterculture code word for marijuana use. First for those who may not be aware of the origins of 420 a little history. What is the origin of … [Read more...]

Employers Desire Soft Skills From College Graduates

Graduation is at hand and college students are heading out into the world to start their careers. You have a degree, but do you have the soft skills that potential employers are looking for? You learn a lot in college in many subjects, but employers say many college graduates lack specific soft … [Read more...]

Tips For Surviving College

Balancing classes, studying and still having a social life can be hard. If you are not careful and get your priorities out of whack you can end up in academic distress. I ran across a good article on the Art of Manliness web site that gives some excellent tips on finding the right balance. From … [Read more...]

Financial Aid Urged to Help Students in Financial Distress

The U.S. Education department has released a letter to college financial aid officers urging them to use their “professional judgment” for students in financial distress. The letter reminds them that they have the authority under law to make adjustments, especially “during these challenging economic … [Read more...]

Buzzed – Alcohol and Academics Don’t Mix Well

Some reports indicate almost one-third of college students admit to having missed at least one class because of their alcohol or drug use, and nearly one-quarter of students report bombing a test or project because of the aftereffects of drinking or doing drugs. Alcohol use can result in missing … [Read more...]

Survey Shows Accounting, Engineering Majors Most Successful at Finding Jobs

According to the preliminary results of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2009 student survey accounting and engineering graduates are doing better this year at securing jobs. Thirty-eight percent of bachelor’s-degree-level accounting grads that have applied for jobs … [Read more...]

InLikeMe’s 2009 College Admissions Planning Guide is “The College Admission & Student Aid Resource Hub “. They are offering a free guide “InLikeMe's 2009 College Admissions Planning Guide” you can download. While intended for college bound high school students the guide contains some useful information. Stay Focused on … [Read more...]

Academic and Career Choices – Skills May Not Equal Passions

For many people it may take two years or more to find out a hard lesson in life. What you are good at, your skills and abilities may not equal your interests and your passions. This is one reason many college students change their major halfway through college and a life lesson everyone should … [Read more...]

IBM and Marist Survey Shows U.S. College Students Want Technology Skills to Compete for Jobs

Amid concerns that the economic downturn could impact their career plans, eight in 10 U.S. college students see a growing need for more IT professionals as technology advances, according to a survey by IBM and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. The survey of more than 1,600 college students … [Read more...]

UNC Charlotte Hosting College Version of “Iron Chef”

As part of the NACUFS Southern Region 2009 Conference being held on the UNC Charlotte campus March 11 – 14, chefs from Southern university and college food services will compete in a culinary challenge Friday at UNC Charlotte in what the school is describing as a collegiate version of "Iron … [Read more...]

President Obama Gives College Students Hope and a Challenge

President Obama ran on a message of hope that inspired many college students. In his speech before Congress and the nation last night, President Obama offered hope, inspiration and a challenge for college students and all Americans seeking higher education. President Obama’s speech at times … [Read more...]