How to Become a Straight-A Student

photo by: Steven S. All college students want to become a straight-a student. It is hard to balance college life between classes, studying and trying to have a social life. Many college students struggle to find a balance that allows them to do well in their classes and still have a social life. … [Read more...]

How to Avoid the College Party Foul

Almost everyone who goes to college will eventually end up at a party. At every party there seems to be one or more of “those people” who for one reason or the other carry it a little too far. These people make common party mistakes and end up making an ass of themselves or getting tossed … [Read more...]

No Tuition Increase Likely for UNC Charlotte Students in 2009-10

The UNC Charlotte trustees have approved a plan calling for NO TUITION INCREASE FOR RESIDENT UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS for the 2009-10 academic school year! The key word is plan, but in these tough economic times it is unlikely there will be a tuition rate increase. UPDATE: Things have certainly … [Read more...]

How To Pull All Nighters

For a college student learning how to pull all nighters effectively can be the difference between study success and study failure. You have a report due at 8 AM and you have just started. Your exam is in 10 hours and you need to study more. These are situations nobody wants to be in, but try as … [Read more...]

How To Save Money on College Textbooks with Chegg

Textbook prices are increasing at more than four times the inflation rate for all finished goods. The average college student spends $900 a year on textbooks. College students can save money and trees by renting textbooks from Chegg. Chegg lets students rent as many textbooks as they like with … [Read more...]

Five Easy Ways to Save Money in College

Finding your funds a little too tight during your time in college? Try these 5 tips for figuring out where you can cut corners and still make ends meet. 5 Tips To Save Money In College 1. Reduce your meal plan options. Even if you use all of the meals/money that you have, see if you can change to … [Read more...]

Campus Dirt: Insiders Come Clean on How to Succeed at College

Campus Dirt: Insiders Come Clean on How to Succeed at College Campus Dirt Review Campus Dirt sits open and dog-eared on my nightstand. --Kristie Stoynoff, parent of two college students This book saved me more times than I like to admit. --Mark Shelton, University of Denver Work hard, play … [Read more...]

Microwave Chicken and Rice Recipe

Yummy Microwave Chicken and Rice This chicken and rice single dish meal is quick and easy. You can use a microwave glass casserole dish or microwave popcorn popper. Prep: 5 minutes Cooking: 10 minutes Ready to Eat: 20 minutes Ingredients 1 small boneless skinless chicken breast cut … [Read more...]

How Not To Get Sick At College

Living in a residence hall, having roommates and being around a lot of people from different areas can challenge your immune system. Here are a number of things you can to do stay healthy in a college environment. Prevention Take your vitamins In college it is hard to eat a good diet and get … [Read more...]

The Top Five Money Mistakes College Students Make

College life is one of the most unforgettable parts in everyones life. It is a persons first taste of real independence, and they feel their whole life is ahead of them. But this can also be a time where a college student can make decisions that have repercussions that last for many … [Read more...]

Pimp Your Room – Extra Seating

College rooms can be so cramped you barely have room to fit all of your stuff in it. If you have a lot of friends or want to you need somewhere for them to sit. What do you do when 10 people come to your room? The butterfly chair may be your answer. Besides being surprisingly comfortable and … [Read more...]