Iran Riots Shame on the American Media Coverage

Right now while American college students are enjoying their summer break, in Iran college students are taking to the streets to protest the recent Presidential election. The BBC reports "Nothing has been seen on the streets of Tehran like this since the revolution".  About 60 percent of Iran's … [Read more...]

UNC Charlotte Data Center Prepares For Growth

IT Organizations Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency with Cisco Data Center 3.0 Architecture; Cisco Solutions for Storage Networking, Data Center Switching and Application Delivery Increase IT Return on Investment. University of North Carolina at Charlotte: Cisco Trusted Partner for New Data Center … [Read more...]

Find The Lowest Gas Prices

Money tight? Want to find the cheapest gas prices in the UNC Charlotte area? A new page has been added to UNCC49er. Click on Gas Prices on the main navigation menu to find the lowest gas prices in the University City area. Prices are updated daily and are less than 48 hours old. The top ten … [Read more...]