How to Save Gas and Money

Gas prices continue to rise putting more of a squeeze of your budget. If you want to learn how to save gas and money keep reading. We live in a go-go society judging from the way I see most people drive. To save both gas and money requires a change in thinking about how we drive. Below is a … [Read more...]

Iran Riots Shame on the American Media Coverage

Right now while American college students are enjoying their summer break, in Iran college students are taking to the streets to protest the recent Presidential election. The BBC reports "Nothing has been seen on the streets of Tehran like this since the revolution".  About 60 percent of Iran's … [Read more...]

Study Shows Less Than 55% of College Students Graduate in 6 Years

In his first speech to Congress, President Obama promised that "by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world." Diplomas and Dropouts: Which Colleges Actually Graduate Their Students (and Which Don't), released today by the American Enterprise … [Read more...]

40,000 Pictures Help Police Find The Cause of Dorm Fire

From the Onion News Network. Breaking news story..... The NYPD  first ruled the fire was an arson, but after looking at nearly 43,000 pictures taken at the scene during a dorm party they have determined that the fire was an accident. Hilarious fake news! … [Read more...]

Tuition Hike and Budget Cuts Coming to UNCC

Due to the state of the economy and budget cuts there seems to be no doubt now that the North Carolina General Assembly will increase tuition at UNC System schools for the 2009-10 school year. The big question is how much it will be. In January the UNC Charlotte trustees approved a plan calling for … [Read more...]

Update: Download Free Coldplay Live Album Now

As mentioned in the previous post “Coldplay to Give Away Live Album”, you can now download the entire CD from their web site. The CD entitled “LeftRightLeftRightLeft” contains tracks recorded live over the past year. The files are in MP3 format so you should have no problem playing them on any … [Read more...]

College Class of 2009 Graduates Finding Fewer Jobs

The 2009 crop of college graduates is stepping off campus and into the “real world” with fewer jobs in hand than their 2008 counterparts, according to a new report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Interestingly, fewer 2009 graduates sought out jobs than their … [Read more...]

Pick-A-Prof Adds Applications to Facebook Social Network

Most college students are familiar with You can go to the site, click on the class and see how others rate the professor. Since the information provided are opinions it is not really that useful. Pick-A-Prof is gives you more information that just opinions. Pick-A-Prof has … [Read more...]

Coldplay to Give Away Live Album

Continuing the ever growing tradition of giving back to the fans, Coldplay is giving away a 9-song CD. The CD entitled “LeftRightLeftRightLeft” is available as a free download from their web site The album was recorded over the past year in various cities around the world on the … [Read more...]

How To Relieve Exam Stress

Exam time is here and stress levels are up. You’re stuck indoors hitting the books, writing papers, preparing projects. Are you also under STRESS? With the importance of exams it is understandable that you are stressed. However you need to be operating at optimal academic performance and this can … [Read more...]

Recipes That Can Be Cooked in a Dorm Room

College students already live on a tight budget so finding ways to save money is always a priority. One way to save money is to cook your own food rather than eat out. For those who live in dorm rooms this can be especially challenging. If you are lucky you have a fridge and a microwave. You can … [Read more...]

UNC Charlotte Data Center Prepares For Growth

IT Organizations Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency with Cisco Data Center 3.0 Architecture; Cisco Solutions for Storage Networking, Data Center Switching and Application Delivery Increase IT Return on Investment. University of North Carolina at Charlotte: Cisco Trusted Partner for New Data Center … [Read more...]

Buzzed – 420 Marijuana Use and College Students

Since today is 4/20 it seems fitting for a Buzzed article on marijuana and college students. Whatever way you say it 420, or 4:20 or 4/20, it has become a counterculture code word for marijuana use. First for those who may not be aware of the origins of 420 a little history. What is the origin of … [Read more...]