Best Web Sites for Computer Wallpaper

Looking for the best web sites for computer and phone wallpaper? Nobody likes a boring computer desktop. Why not spruce up your desktop with some new wallpaper? Don’t know where to find good ones? Keep reading. First be sure you know what resolution you need for your computer or phone. You can … [Read more...]

Conficker Eye Chart

"Here You Have" Email Virus (aka W32.Imsolk.B@mm) Worried that you may be infected with the Conficker worm and not know about it? Even though April 1st has come and gone there have been a lot of recent posts on the Internet about Conficker activity. The Conficker Working Group has produced a … [Read more...]

MozyHome Free 2GB Online Backup Solution

Over time you can accumulate a lot of important stuff on your computer. Photos, videos, music, important documents and data you can not replace. What would you do if your hard drive failed, a virus infected your computer or one of your important files became corrupt? Hopefully you presently have … [Read more...]

Remotely Control Somebody’s Desktop the Easy Way

We have all gotten the call or request from a friend or family member to help them get their computer working correctly. Rather than try and talk the non-tech savvy through what they need to do, wouldn't it be easier if you could remotely connect to their computer and fix it yourself? There are … [Read more...]