Find The Golden Hour For Your Photographs

For photographers the golden hour is the first and last hour of sunlight in the day. This time of the day is known for producing some great photographs due to the unusual lighting qualities. The light is softer, warmer and shadows are longer. Image Credit In landscape photography since the … [Read more...]

An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop – Free PDF

Photoshop can be an intimidating piece of software for first time users. It is powerful and can do fantastic things to your photos, but the maze of buttons and filters can leave first time users lost. The good folks at MakeUseOf have created a “starters manual” for first time Photoshop users. “An … [Read more...]

Digital Photography – Printable Lens Hood

If lens flare has been ruining your shots try using a lens hood. Rather than invest in them I found a web site where you can download PDF files that will allow you to print out a lens hood for a variety of lenses. Lens hoods are intended to exclude glare and reduce hot spots. In addition, lens … [Read more...]

Digital Photography – 7 Tips For Better Results

Digital photography has become very popular and digital cameras now offer high end features in low cost models. You can get some great shots from a low cost camera. Here are a few tricks to help improve your shots. Use the Magic Hour – The “magic hour” is the hour after sunrise and the hour … [Read more...]