50 Resources For College Graduates – Life After College

Graduation and life after college is not that far off so I thought I would collect a list of resources for soon to be college graduates. Heading off into the “real world” can be challenging for college graduates. Be sure to take advantage of the resources offered by UNC Charlotte. Even if you are … [Read more...]

Tuition Hike and Budget Cuts Coming to UNCC

Due to the state of the economy and budget cuts there seems to be no doubt now that the North Carolina General Assembly will increase tuition at UNC System schools for the 2009-10 school year. The big question is how much it will be. In January the UNC Charlotte trustees approved a plan calling for … [Read more...]

Financial Aid Urged to Help Students in Financial Distress

The U.S. Education department has released a letter to college financial aid officers urging them to use their “professional judgment” for students in financial distress. The letter reminds them that they have the authority under law to make adjustments, especially “during these challenging economic … [Read more...]

President Obama Gives College Students Hope and a Challenge

President Obama ran on a message of hope that inspired many college students. In his speech before Congress and the nation last night, President Obama offered hope, inspiration and a challenge for college students and all Americans seeking higher education. President Obama’s speech at times … [Read more...]

No Tuition Increase Likely for UNC Charlotte Students in 2009-10

The UNC Charlotte trustees have approved a plan calling for NO TUITION INCREASE FOR RESIDENT UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS for the 2009-10 academic school year! The key word is plan, but in these tough economic times it is unlikely there will be a tuition rate increase. UPDATE: Things have certainly … [Read more...]